Significant Trees

We live in an area that abounds with trees, birds, wildlife, and yes squirrels. It’s a unique network of nature in a very urban area! And, at the heart of it are the many older, bigger trees.

Which Trees Are Significant Trees?
A Significant Tree is any live woody plant, whether located on private or public property, with a circumference of at least 38 inches measured either at 4-1/2 feet above the ground or immediately below the lowest branch, whichever is lower.

Which Trees Are Heritage Trees?
All Santa Cruz Cypress and Oregon White Oaks are Heritage Trees. Depending upon their size and location, all of the following native trees may be Heritage Trees: Bigleaf Maple, Madrone, Golden Chinquapin, Oregon Ash, Tan Oak, Douglas Fir, Coast Live Oak, Canyon Live Oak, Black Oak, Interior Live Oak, Valley Oak, Blue Oak, California Bay or Laurel, California Nutmeg, and Redwood (aka Sequoia).

A detailed list of these trees, including their scientific names and qualifying sizes, is available at the County’s Planning counter, or on the county website with the applicable regulations. The Board of Supervisors may also designate other trees and groves as Heritage Trees.

Does size matter? Does age matter? Interference with Driplines?
Read the rules and regulations the county has posted on it’s website. We’ve also posted some County rules and regulations as downloadable PDFs.