Hearing Results

Heritage Oak Tree Decision Was In Our Favor

We did it! The San Mateo Planning Commission voted to deny the developer Chase-Arnold its permit request to remove the Heritage Oak at 671 Menlo Oaks Drive. 

Thanks Go To Many People

Thanks to all of you who sent letters, walked flyers around the neighborhood over the weekend, and contributed money last summer so that we could file an appeal to deny the permit.

On January 13th we had a really good turnout at the hearing. Judy Horst was the “official appellant”; she started out with an overview, and each speaker who followed was brilliant–to the point and persuasive. Thanks to Dorothy Fadiman, Janet Goff, John Danforth, Anne Kortlander, Remona Murray and Erin Glanville, whose home adjoins the property for speaking at the hearing. Their time and efforts before the hearing made all the difference.

Others Helped, Too.

Thanks also goes to others who gave us their experience and counsel.

  • Lennie Roberts, Legislative Advocate for Committee For Green Foothills, who spoke on our behalf at the hearing
  • Catherine Martineau, Executive Director of Canopy, for meeting with us and for sending a letter on our behalf to the County
  • David Dockter, Managing Arborist for Palo Alto, for meeting with us and providing us with the Palo Alto Technical Tree Manual which he authored.

Upward & Onward

We were gratified with the decision, but we also know that this decision may be appealed by the developer. So, we will keep you posted.